The Morning Conversation

The Morning Conversation..Three Cormorants sitting and gossiping (!) silently looking at different directions

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Those Eyes !!

@ Ranchi Zoo

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EXIF Data- f5.6, 340mm, ISO 4000, Nikon D750​, SS-1/200 (Only) , VR -ON, Handholding Nikkor200500f5.6

This is not another Indian zoo with lots of neglected animals jostling for space!

{{Most of the inmates of this Biological Park live in open, large moated areas surrounded by natural vegetation. This gives them a feeling of living in their natural habitat. }}

This I saw when we visited the same on 3rd January, 2016 – afternoon

Official site is “HERE

Tenzing’s Ghang La & the Darjeeling connection !

Year 2014 was the birth centenary of Tenzing Norgay, The Man of Everest

It is generally believed that Tenzing was born in Nepal in a village called Thami, a stone’s throw away from the Sherpa capital, Namche Bazaar. In fact, he was born in 1914 in Tibet on a grazing alp called Ghang La, surrounded by emerald lakes and high peaks. Tenzing was the eleventh child out of fourteen of his mother Kinzom. His father Mingma was a yak herdsman and Tenzing spent his early years grazing yaks in the Kharta valley with the shadow of Everest looming above him. Many years later in Darjeeling, Tenzing named his house “Ghang La” after the alp where he was born.

(Source – An amazing site by  Sujoy Das: Photographs 1986 – 2016)

During the November visit to Japanese Temple in the early morning, our local driver alerted us about this house and I could not but stopped the vehicle for a moment to peep inside and take a few shots :

Darjeeling Ghang La-7501836.jpg