Lens and its specific use-few thoughts

Let me confess that i am not a full time blogger neither i have time to write in a detailed fashion. But having said that, let me also say that photography being a full time passion now,  i believe i should pass on some of the gyans(tips) I had acquired to fellow photographers who are  mainly hobbyist, what I was (and still I am) in mid 2014, when I was fumbling with jargons and had my first dslr, D5200.

Lets talk about Lens in general. Which one to buy as a beginner and for what purpose ?? 

Take the case of any lens be it prime or Zoom. We all know, zoom is nothing but combination of several lenses put together as a single assembled unit. That’s how zoom becomes heavy at the cost of two things. Sacrificing Crisp clarity of Prime lens to some extent. Also, zoom lens does suck dust when it goes in and out of the lens barrel. But those two do no negate the use of zoom in day to day purpose. Infact we use it more while keeping the 150-300 gm ( the average weight which is low) prime inside camera bag for some specific use be it portrait, birding or landscape.

There are many zoom lenses who are very sharp and score very high on recognised sites. 70200 is one such category ( I use the Tamron version) which can beat the popular 85 mm portrait prime lens at the cost of weight factor may be.

Lets take up another example. Lets take the pocket friendly, consumer category lens 70300 of Nikon/Tamron. Some people may call it a birding starter kit. I would add to that 70 mm side can be used for general landscape at high f number for creating huge dof on tripod. 300mm has its use in zooming the distant landscape and by compressing the scenario, one can create composition wonder. 85 to 200 mm zone can be ideal for head and shoulder shots for portrait photography in golden hour light at minimum f number.

That’s all folks!

I will try to be regular now on

My Instagram handle nikondxfx.

Ending this write up with a  shot, I took at 9000 ISO on my Nikon Fullframe D750 & Nikkor24120f4, exactly one year back :


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